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One of my favorite essays was from a young woman who talked about her love for shoes. Why was this one so memorable?

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So, for every shoe she wrote about, she also described the different cultures and experiences she had in each country, which she brought to our campus after we admitted her. I am always so hesitant to mention the shoe essay because I will inevitably get variations of the shoe essay from other prospective students.

College Essay Tips - How to Tell a Unique Story to Admissions

But you have to realize that that essay topic worked for her because of who she is and her experiences. So, my first essay tip for you : Find a topic that truly reflects the person and personality that you want to present in your application and allows your voice to shine through. Tip 2: Try to avoid writing about an activity or an award , since there is a whole section on the Common Application to do that.

While I am sure you can write a good essay about the first three topics, they are often difficult to write about in a mature and insightful way within words.

Bad College Essays: 10 Mistakes You Must Avoid

For instance, death essays usually end up being about carpe diem, living life to the fullest. Your essay does not have to be traumatic, monumental or even life-altering.

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If so, will this be happening at or near home? The latter includes not only possible suicide attempts but also other types of damaging behavior such as drug or alcohol abuse or refusing to take prescribed medications , eating disorders, etc. Of all of the considerations listed above, the first one is really the biggie. If colleges are going to know or at least guess that a candidate experienced some sort of problem during high school, it makes sense to explain what that problem was or is.

What Makes Bad College Essays Bad

Ideally, however, the explanation should also include assurances that the problem is either over or is sufficiently under control so that the student can succeed in college and will not be a threat to himself or to others. Although colleges are not allowed to discriminate against applicants with disabilities, the Virginia Tech tragedy definitely served as turning point on most campuses. Administrators including admission officials became more worried that students who struggle with mental-health issues of any sort can be dangerous to the school community. Thus, if there will be no signs in the application that the candidate has suffered from depression, I usually suggest to students and their parents that this NOT be mentioned in the essay or anywhere.

16 Personal Essays About Mental Health Worth Reading

Some admission officials will not be at all prejudiced against candidates who self-disclose, but some will … so why take that chance? Well, actually, there are good reasons for taking that chance. Yet in those situations where a student will need significant support, it often makes sense to be candid during the admission process.

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This can help the student to end up at a place where appropriate services are available.