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IRAC for law school essays and exams (with examples) ⋆ You've entered law land

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In addition, we make sure all acts, statutes, cases cited in the content are relevant and authentic. We believe in providing percent customer satisfaction. An easy way to explain the IRAC method is to talk about the things that are most likely to trip you up when using it. We are taught during high school and most university courses to rehash the facts or situation as part of an introduction for any answer we give. Instead, just write down the issue as a question or a statement. I remember writing a short introduction in a problem based assignment which I thought was different to an exam, for some unknown reason even when the lecturer told us not to!

In my defence it was early on in my first year fine — second half of my first year. A problem that many law students face is failing to adapt to the academic environment of law school. It takes time to reverse old habits and realise that an introduction is no longer necessary.