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Students are always amazed at the similarities between those in the public eye today and those who inhabited and ruled Roman and Greek society. There is no language component to this course! This is equivalent to half a GCSE. They will also study different aspects of Greek culture such as Greek warfare, Greek theatre and also be able to compare the Classical World with the modern world today. There is controlled assessment.

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Classical Civilisation at GCSE level aims to help students develop into effective and independent learners as well as critical and reflective thinkers. They will also enhance and develop their analytical and evaluative skills which are a vital part of their future studies. A s students will also be expected to provide an informed personal response to material.

It works well as a complement to any of these subjects or as a contrast to sciences.

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What will I study? You will develop an increasingly sophisticated level of knowledge and understanding of the epics themselves, the way in which they were composed, and religious, cultural and social values and beliefs of its society. The poems of Homer were considered by the Greeks themselves to be a foundation of Greek culture, standing as they do at the beginning of the Western literary canon.

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Virgil explored what it was to be a hero in the Roman world and created a work which has proven enduringly popular. Assessment : The examination will consist of three sections. Section A focuses solely on Homer Iliad or Odyssey. Section B contains questions focusing solely on Virgil's Aeneid.

Section C contains a stimulus question in which you will draw on both a passage from Homer and one from Virgil; and a choice of longer essays. There are three questions types in this exam: stimulus questions, and essays. Greek Theatre: The drama produced in the ancient Greek theatre forms some of the most powerful literature of the ancient world, and has had a profound and wide-reaching influence on modern culture. You will also study the representation of theatre in the visual and material culture of Greece. Assessment : The examination will consist of two sections.

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Section A will involve short answer questions and commentary questions which respond to two stimuli from the prescribed sources list of differing types, and a shorter essay question which takes one or both sources as its starting point. Section B contains a choice of one from two essays.

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There are four question types in this exam: short answer questions, stimulus question and two essays. Politics of the Late Republic The Late Roman Republic was a period of upheaval and conflicting views on how the Roman state should function. In this component you will study the political thought of the period of conflicts which eventually led to the downfall of the Roman republic. Through examining Cato, Caesar and Cicero you will explore the very different lives of three contemporary political figures. Assessment: The examination will consist of two sections.

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  5. Section A will involve short answer questions and commentary questions which respond to two stimuli from the prescribed sources list, and the same style of questions discussing ideas from one of the key thinkers and a shorter essay question. Section B contains a choice of two essays. There are five question types in this exam: short answer question, stimulus question, idea question and two essays. Is the study of Classical Civilisation relevant today?

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    Many modern concepts, practices and ways of thinking in politics, philosophy, literature, art, architecture and even science have their origins in the classical world. Study of issues and people in the classical world also adds greatly to the understanding of modern events and people.

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    Discussion will arise, for example, on why nations go to war, the nature of jealousy and revenge, the power of persuasive speech, the intoxicating and isolating effect of absolute power. What skills will I develop?