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As we can see in govt schools, where are large number of students in a class but there are limited teachers to teach them. In a class, students should not be above than 40 to ensure have quality education because one individual teacher cannot focus at each and every students in the huge number of students in a class. If there are students above than 70 in a class then no one teacher could focus on teaching as the result of which students may lose their interest on learning.

Thus, govt should make a strict laws to set a permit of limited students per teacher in educational institutes to ensure quality education. In the sense if the teacher is not well and comfortable to take care and keen observation on each and every student also its not possible. So so as taking all these considerations into point. My conclusion is that there should be limitation in the strength of number of students per teacher.

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Should there be a strict limit on the number of students per teacher in educational institutes to ensure quality education? Give a space after the full stop. Capitalise the next word after the full stop. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. When coming to the discussion whether strict teachers can produce outstanding students, most of us must have our thumbs up and find it absurd and ludicrous if one claimed the famous Chinese saying is wrong.

Undoubtedly, strict teachers have high expectation on their students and always demand them to do their best. Under such a strict confinement, students would become more obedient and disciplined.

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As a result, to a certain extent, students may have a better academic result since they follow what their teachers asked them to do. From my point of view, an outstanding student should not only has good academic result or discipline, but more importantly, balanced development of a student should never be neglected. Therefore, based on the above definition, I cling to the view that strict teachers do not necessarily produce outstanding students. My views will be expressed as follows.

Students are requested to spend most of their time studying or doing a host of homework which are assigned by their teachers. Thus, they will have fewer chances to participate in extra-curricular activities or engage in other learning experience.

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Teaching Philosophy Over the course of seven years in the field instructional development, I have taught undergraduate student and professional courses of aviation and obtained their feedback to improve my teaching methodology. I also undertook revision of undergraduate syllabus based on inputs from various agencies. During this process I have learnt that teaching is learning from multiple perspective and while teaching the central focus should be student learning.

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Hence, I have evolved my teaching…. Philosophy of Education Defining a teaching philosophy six weeks into my formal teacher training is a tricky thing. I feel as if every time I turn around, I see something new and shiny to play with and explore. However, in order to start, I need to know where I am going in the first place….

Essay about Teaching Styles and Effectiveness of Teachers

My Teaching Philosophy I believe that education is a necessity and very vital to the development of human beings and to the world. Teaching is the reason, the cause and core of technology, science, and everything else. Without the knowledge of the past we would…. My personal philosophy about teaching and learning is that education is an individual and a unique experience for every student who enters the classroom. Teachers should understand the importance of mentoring and coaching students to attain their highest potential.

Moreover, educators should consider teaching to be a lifestyle and not just a paycheck.

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Teachers should facilitate learning academically, personally and ethically. Educators should equip students with the correct tools necessary for….

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Although teaching is a field that is extremely rewarding, it also comes with its share of challenges. These challenges can be overcome, however, if the teacher believes in their students ability to learn, and is able to inspire and motivate them. The teacher can accomplish this task through motivating the students through lessons, tests, and a positive classroom environment. My Teaching Philosophy Education has always been a huge part of my life. I decided I wanted to become a teacher when I was in kindergarten.

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  7. My kindergarten teacher was an amazing person and even at the age of six, she inspired me. Throughout the following years, I maintained excellent grades and dedicated myself to school. The point in my life that solidified my decision was my eleventh grade year.