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The Bundren family lives in a small town in Mississippi. Addie's the mother of the family health is deteriorating quickly. She makes a dying wish to her husband Anse that she be placed to rest with her relatives in Jefferson, forty miles away. After Addie dies, the family sets out for Jefferson in a mule-drawn wagon.

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The family encounters some unlikely mishaps along the way making their journey to bury their loved one a very uneasy task. Faulkner makes the symbolism in this book really difficult to understand. To explain this further, Jewel also 'abandons' his family by choosing to work at night to buy a horse rather than work during the day to support his 'family'. Therefore, metaphorically, Jewel has chosen a horse over family, and, Darl, inferred this to mean that Jewel had chosen a horse to be his family rather than his half-blood relatives.

That is really the only way he, in his young age, can relate things.

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